Canadian Public Community College

The Husson University - Canadian Public Community College (CPCC) Diploma-to-Degree Program

Application for Admission to Husson University

Maine's University of Business, Health, Education, Pharmacy and Science and Humanities

This application to the Diploma-to-Degree program may be used only by individuals holding diplomas in either business or criminal justice from a Canadian Public Community College.

To Apply for Admission:

  • This application must be completed and submitted electronically.
  • Please complete the entire application and submit a $40 application fee using a payment method of your choice. This fee is nonrefundable and is not applied to other college charges.
  • Please submit your official transcript from Canadian Public Community College. If you have previously attended another college or university and wish to have credits from that institution applied to your degree at Husson University, you must submit an official transcript(s) from this institution(s).
  • All transcripts must be written in English.
  • Applications are considered on a rolling admissions basis. Rolling admissions means that applications are reviewed by the selection committee as soon as they are complete. When a decision is reached, the applicant is notified. Once a program is filled, application for the program is closed.
  • Husson University is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. (NEASC).
  • For any documents or payments that are not sent electronically, please send them in one envelope to the following address:
    Jennifer Flynn, M.Ed.
    Presque Isle Campus Director
    Husson University
    33 Edgemont Drive
    Presque Isle, Maine 04769
    (207)760-1193 (fax)
    Alternatively, you may fax any documents or forms other than payment to:

Filing Electronically

  • Only applications submitted electronically will be accepted. You will still need to submit all requested documents listed above be it by mail or fax. Filing electronically allows us to process your application more efficiently. You may also submit payment online by credit card you so choose.
  • If there is a chance you won't complete this application in one sitting, it is strongly recommended that you read the "Risks" section below for your own benefit.
  • Cookies
    The electronic version of the application for admissions makes use of "Cookies". These allow you to leave your browser, or shut down your computer, and then return to your application form later to make changes within 15 days. This means you won't be required to complete the entire application form in one sitting.

  • University applications tend to be long and involved -- most people take breaks when working on them -- so using Cookies can be a benefit. Husson's application is a six-page form, with each completed page providing an opportunity for a personal break.

    In order to take advantage of the electronic feature, your computer will need to have "Cookies" enabled. Also, you will need to use the same computer each time you access your application. Once Cookies are enabled, every page you complete (by hitting "Next") will save the information you entered on that page.

    Risks Associated with using Cookies
    Unless you plan to complete and submit this application in one sitting, we strongly recommend that you do not use a public computer (school library, friend, internet cafe, etc.) Because Cookies allow you to return to a webpage, this means other people can go there too if they use the same computer you did. This also means they could possibly see your personal information. However, once you finish the application (at which point you will receive a "thank you" page), the Cookie to your application form will be deleted, and you (or anyone else) will not be able to access the information you provided on your application.

    Any missing information will need to be submitted by standard mail.

    Information on your application is protected in transit by SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption.

    Enabling Cookies
    To enable or disable cookies on your computer, search for "Cookies" in your browser's Help Section.

This application is a confidential document.

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